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Author: Orren

How Long Does It Take To Become A Profitable Trader?

You’re getting frustrated with your trading. I get it. Reality is setting in. It’s not as easy as you initially thought. You’re wondering, “How long is this going to take to become a profitable trader?”… Well, you probably are not going to like my answer, but you may find it to be useful. Hopefully, this article will give you a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. It Varies If I told you it would take you, specifically, 30 days to become a profitable trader, I wouldn’t be telling you the truth. If I told you...

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How To Start Trading Options

You’ve got some extra cash in your pocket, whether it be from a lucky break or you’ve saved up some money throughout the years, and you’ve decided that you want to grow it. You’ve heard about the Stock Market, and how the millionaires and billionaires of the world play in it. You also figured that trading outright Stocks requires a lot of money, so you looked for some alternatives and learned a little bit about Options. You’re wise enough to realize that managing your money yourself is one of the better ways at growing your personal wealth, when compared...

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Crush These Top Trading Mistakes Now

You’ve just come off of a string of losing trades. You’re thinking to yourself, “What the hell am I doing wrong?”, while questioning whether or not this whole trading thing is worth it. It’s understandable. This game is hard. Most people quit due to the stress and worry, or they blow out of their account and never come back. Honestly, the failures that you’ve been facing aren’t quite your fault alone. This way of making money is a trial by fire. There’s not really a great way to get over the initial learning curve. Most never do. Did you...

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How Can I Avoid The Pattern Day Trader Rule?

If you’ve had any experience trying to trade with an account below $25,000, you’ve likely heard of the Pattern Day Trading Rule and wondered how you could avoid it. This rule can be a real nuisance for traders, especially those looking to learn who don’t want to risk too much initially. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that the line between professional day trading and gambling can get really thin, really quickly, and that there is some merit behind this regulation. That said, day trading is something that is demonized far too much and far too often these...

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Does Technical Analysis Work?

With everyone running out to trade Bitcoin and an overall heightened interest in trading, you’ve got to wonder how are these new traders making their decisions on whether to buy or sell? The answer is that most of them are using some form of Technical Analysis (TA). But, does Technical Analysis work? Sorta. Technical Analysis has merit, but not in the way most people think it does. Technical Analysis: Charting v.s. Indicators Let me be clear here: Technical Analysis does not predict the direction of an asset. The real merit that Technical Analysis has is that it identifies the...

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