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Author: Geoffrey

Are You Ready to Revolutionize Your Industry?

It feels like we are constantly on the brink of technological, ideological, and political revolution in the world today. Things like P2P lending, Bitcoin, and an ever-increasing inter-connectivity between us is shaking up the establishment and the status quo of the business world that our parents knew. This shake-up is a call to action to the people who are listening, but we don’t simply need more people to drive the wheels of progress. We need more of the right type of people to steer it in the right direction. This calls for Entrepreneurs who are driven to work in...

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Why Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending Will Fail

The attractiveness of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending is obvious to many in a world where banks and financial institutions have proven themselves overconfident and bureaucratic. The rise of P2P is a direct result of this wave of distrust in conjunction with increased connections between people through technology and globalization. Read this article before diving in here to see how P2P potentially could overthrow the big banks and the financial establishment. Without a doubt, P2P in its essence has been successful, and it is changing the way that many industries do business. The success of companies like Uber and Spotify is firmly...

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Is Peer-to-Peer About to Topple the Big Banks?

One of the results of the Global Financial Crisis was an increase in general distrust in Big Banks. Can you blame people? Investment bankers are “supposed” to know what they are doing with your money, but they really showed their true colors by selling some shady stuff, that for the most part, they didn’t understand, or care about as long as it was making them money… In the age of entrepreneurship (and now skepticism) that we find ourselves in today, is it possible to find an alternative to big banks when searching for a loan? We have all been...

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Is the Daily Commute Killing Your Success?

It is our God-given right as true blooded Americans to commute to work every day at least 30 minutes, maybe 1  hour if we’re lucky. Are you fortunate enough to be one of these people? Maybe you drive into LA every day or through Santa Barbara because you can’t afford to live in anywhere close to where you have to work. But is this supporting your dreams of freedom and independence from financial limitations and controlling work environments? If not, how do we get out of this cycle of despair? I see it as an array of options. You...

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Why Do We Still Go To College?

College seems to get more expensive every day. No, it does get more expensive. The fees that young people are facing to secure a basic bachelor’s degree continue increasingly to become a challenge. As this occurs, we are naturally forced to consider the value of education, but it’s difficult to attach monetary worth to it. Basically, there are two methods to valuing education. The Boring Way The first lies in the cost/benefit analysis that I learned how to do in my college Labor Economics class. Each person has a certain level of preference between long-term returns and short-term returns....

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